EP 017 - G20 YEA Ambassador Eman Bachani


Eman Bachani is the Founder at Meraki Design House. She is also the Marketing & Exports Manager at Premier Polmarex Inc.

She was the G20 Young Entrepreneurs Association (YEA) Ambassador. She holds a Bachelor`s Degree in Political Science and Employment Relations from the University of Toronto.
Eman is an enthusiastic entrepreneur with a passion for product development across industries. She comes from a diverse background having lived in multiple countries. Her interpersonal and communication skills enable her to create and manage long term business relationships and partnerships.

I think you will enjoy this lively and resource-packed discussion. Eman talks to us about her early life, education, entrepreneurship journey, G20 partnerships, Meraki Designs and her contribution at Pan-Am Team.

You’ll Learn:
• [01:17] – Eman starts our conversation by telling us about her background, growing up, schooling and her experiences as the Human Resources Coordinator at Pan-Am Team.

• [04:54] – She takes us through how she started Meraki Designs. She loved to read books about entrepreneurs. She has travelled a lot to different areas in Pakistan and the Philippines and her love for shoes and design was enhanced.

• [20:20] – She talks about the Pakistan culture, their way of life, experiences, tradition, fundamentals etc.

• [33:40] – Eman takes us through her entrepreneurship journey, views on funding, business opportunities, export business and skills set.

• [44:10] – She tells us about G20.Visa free travels for the members, cross border business discussions, international connections, business relationships and partnerships.

• [54:35] – She sums up our discussion by telling us about mentorship, coaching and social media presence.

Quotes by the Guest:
• [03:45] – “I learnt a lot about people because it was my first experience in HR!”

• [07:50] – “I knew I wanted to do that… I wanted to make the shoes, I wanted to make them in a way that you could wear them with just about anything!”

• [47:05] – “You get to see other people`s business models and profiles of other delegates!”