EP 015 - Fork In Progress' Rachel Katz


Rachel Katz is a Graduate in double major in philosophy and biology from McMaster University and currently doing a Masters in philosophy and Bio-ethics.

She also did an undergraduate thesis in altruism and previously worked as the managing editor at her high school paper in Hamilton. Her passion in food started when she was young. She refers to herself as a Wannabe Chef Gusteau and a grad student trying to prove that anyone can learn how to cook.

I think you will enjoy this lively and resource-packed discussion. Rachel talks to us about food, philosophy, biology, altruism, doing things for people for the right reasons and her views on monetization of what she does.

You’ll Learn:
• [01:25] – Rachel starts our conversation by telling us about her background, growing up, neighborhood, education, her thesis in altruism, food and baking.

• [10:45] – She explains to us how altruism, philosophy and biology translate to food and cooking. While at Hamilton, she starting baking for the office and takes us through her journey with food.

• [17:10] – She talks about ‘Fork in Progress’ and says that it is currently only available on Twitter and Instagram. She talks about the tools that she uses, recipes, etc.

• [33:48] – Rachel explains to us of how people can improve their relationships with food, how to prepare it more and the importance/pride in making the food.

• [44:00] – She talks to us about her work as an editor. Words take on individual meaning for people in a way that no one realizes it.

• [53:22] – She sums up our discussion with her sentiments on doing things for people for the right reason and her views on monetization of her work. She wants to remain authentic.

Quotes by the Guest:
• [05:50] – “I looked at how climate change may detrimentally affect our altruistic tendencies especially as humans!”

• [17:31] – “What I want it to be is more than a blog…what I`d really like it to be is a resource!”

• [44:05] – “It`s not worth it to make fun of someone for mispronouncing a word because it means that they learnt it by reading; specifically by reading it to themselves!”