EP 012 - The Founders Of The Reviews Are In


I’d like to thank Joshua Murray and Trish Cassling for coming on the podcast this week. Joshua is the Lead Editor and Primary Writer while Trish is the Lead Photographer and Writer at thereviewsarein.com.

The primary focus at the site includes album reviews, new music, festival previews & coverage live show reviews, artist interviews and creative content. They enjoy meeting the artists, sharing their stories and news with the world; and staying ahead of the curve on what’s new and awesome.

I think you will enjoy this lively and resource-packed discussion. We start the conversation off by Joshua and Trish telling us about their site, music, album reviews, content creation and their entrepreneurial journey.

You’ll Learn:
• [01:18] – Joshua starts our conversation by telling us how they started in 2007 as a lifestyle kind of information site. As the internet grew, they ended up transitioning almost in full about eight years ago.

• [01:53] – Trish joins in and tells us what they do at the site. She says that sometimes they do links within music and sports but everything has to come back to music.

• [06:11] – They take us through some of the metrics they look out for in their site in order to drive forth advertising. Page views, community responses, progression follow-ups of artists, fan base response etc.

• [08:50] – They take us through the downside/negative/stressful side of this business. They say that just like other entrepreneurs they worry if their business will take off, float or sink in terms of growth. They further take us through their entrepreneurial journey.

• [58:00] – Joshua sums up our discussion by saying, “People don`t wanna wait once a week or once a month to get news, they want it now!”

• [59:25] – Trish adds that her motivation is not money but her love for music saying, “can I pay the rent, can I eat; can we get to the show!”

Quotes by the Guest:
• [07:15] – “Things have changed in the music industry a little bit with touring schedules and album releases… leading to busier months for bigger artists which means that we have more content to create freely! ”

• [07:41] – “We have play lists that we created on Spotify that we share in a lot of our posts… so we have a series called the new music spotlight”

• [10:25] – “I love new music, I love seeing the growth; I love finding a band… I know what I like when I hear it!”

• [38:56] – “The fans now have more access to artists that they never had before… social media has brought the artists out into the open and a lot of them are embracing it and interacting with fans; this interaction pulls people into the shows”