EP 011 - Award Winning SEO Writer Richard S. Todd


I’d like to thank Richard S. Todd for coming on the podcast this week. Richard is an Award winning SEO Writer, a Canadian Journalist and Storyteller. As Content Lead at The Editor’s Desk, Richard connects some of Canada’s biggest brands with both new and regular customers with compelling digital content.

Richard is self-employed and has engaged tens of thousands of people across the world with informative articles, insightful opinions, and balanced analysis. He has been writing his whole life and wrote his first novel at 11 years old.

I think you will enjoy this lively and resource-packed discussion. We start the conversation off by Richard telling us about his background, writing, blogging, script writing, informative articles, marketing and the written word.

You’ll Learn:
• [02:35] – Richard starts our conversation by telling us about himself and the Editor`s desk. He provides search optimized engaging services for different clientele. Blogging, copy-write reviews, social media management, script writing, the written word etc.

• [03:07] – He informs us that he has been an entrepreneur for over 4 years and takes us through his entrepreneurial journey. He tells us that he started out as a novelist and later moved into copywriting. He also provides video scripts and writes for magazines.

• [06:05] – He takes us through Search Engine Optimization (SEO).What it is, what it entails, writing secrets, google ranking and targeting clientele base. This involves the creative and technical parts. He also tells us about his team and how he outsources work.

• [14:00] – Richard takes us through some of the topics that excite him the most. He says that he loves writing about topics that help people to solve their problems. He has also ghost written for numerous blogs. He talks to us about niches that pay well and encourages writers to horn their skills set.

• [19:40] – He informs us about the importance of marketing, positioning and branding for writers e.g. book tours, publicity, public relations.

• [30:00] – He summarizes our discussion by telling us about the most interesting thing he has ever written about. He says, “The most interesting thing I ever wrote about; would be when I did a biography on Ted Nicholi”

Quotes by the Guest:
• [02:35] – “The Editor`s desk provides copywriting services for all sorts of businesses ”

• [03:35] – “I started out as a novelist and later moved into copywriting when I found out that I could really help a lot of other businesses with quality content”

• [17:12] – “If you are great in certain niches and horn your talents in those areas that pay, you will do alright in this industry”

• [28:35] – “I have been writing my whole life; I have been writing stories since I was a kid. I wrote my first novel when I was 11 years old, called ‘The Mystery of the Zombie”