EP 010 - Good For Her's Carlyle Jansen


I’d like to thank Carlyle Jansen for coming on the podcast this week. Carlyle is a sex Educator and Coach. She is also the Author and Founder of Good for Her ‘Lover of Pleasure’. She studied at St. Clément’s School, UBC and Antioch University in Seattle.

She is super cool and very friendly. For over 20 years, she has been talking to people about sex. She has taught at numerous universities and has been an invited speaker at Sexuality and Health conferences. She has also been teaching workshops at Good for Her since 1997.

I think you will enjoy this lively and resource-packed discussion.  We start the conversation off by Carlyle telling us about her background, sexuality, sex & pleasure, her store, her books and her journey as an entrepreneur.

You’ll Learn:
[02:43] – Carlyle starts our conversation by telling us about herself, education, schooling, her entrepreneurial journey, her sex store and her books. She says that she started by speaking at workshops and bridal showers. Her first workshop was for her sister and her sister`s friend. Her store was opened in 1997.

[13:50] – She talks about sex, sex toys and her sex store. At her store, they display sex toys on the shelves and ensure that there is a demo for each toy. This helps to compare the toy to others thus helping in making an informed decision.

[18:24] – Together with her team, they do a lot of marketing through the social media and website. This is one of the things that distinguishes them in the market. People find them online because of her positive reviews. She says that her advertising is in her customer service and good experiences from her workshops.

[33:15] – She informs us that she also teaches at schools mostly as a volunteer. She informs us that the sex toy industry is not regulated and as such some of the material used to make the toys is toxic for example Latex is harmful. She takes us through that.

[56:00] – Carlyle informs us that a few years ago they did an event called ‘the feminist porn award and started recognizing people who were making porn that was not perpetuating stereotypes. She takes us through that.

[01:07:50] – She summarizes our discussion by her parting shot, “We are not always attracted to who we wanna be attracted to; Most people would rather not be attracted to the same sex because it makes life a lot more complicated!”

Quotes by the Guest:
[04:11] – “Sex terrified me… I didn`t know anything about my own pleasure; and it all felt kind of weird! ”.

[09:32] – “Mystery is what keeps excitement alive… and that is one of the things that often goes off in relationships”.

[15:0] – “People come to us because they trust that they can ask us questions and get answers and options”.

[32:00] – “We don`t have anything on display that is pornographic… We have parents coming in with their kids and this helps in teaching about sex and sexuality. So everyone is welcome! ”