EP 009 - Comedian & Actor Daniel Woodrow


I’d like to thank Daniel Woodrow for coming on the podcast this week. Daniel is a standup comedian and an actor from Toronto. He is also the Winner of The Brantford Comedy Festival. He is funny, witty and brings laughter to audiences all over the world. He schooled at Humber College in Ottawa.

Daniel’s comedy has been seen on Just for Laughs, JFL42, CTV, Comedy Network, Much Music, MTV, CBC, Fuse and SiriusXM. He has performed at Comedy Clubs across Canada, New York and Los Angeles. In addition, he has headlined in two different cities in Iceland. He has multiple appearances in T.V commercials, Video On Trial and The Beaverton. Daniel Woodrow is becoming a destination in comedy.

I think you will enjoy this lively and resource-packed discussion. We start the conversation off by Daniel telling us about his background, schooling, early life and comedy. His laid-back, observational, calls-it-like-he-sees-it humour will make you wish you were his best friend.

You’ll Learn:
• [02:18] – Daniel starts our conversation by telling us about himself, standup comedy and acting. He has been on comedy network videos and takes us through that. Although he doesn`t like being recognized, he gets that quite often on the streets. He says there is a distance/safety when you do standup comedy although hecklers talk to you.

• [04:25] – He grew up in Ottawa. He was born in Toronto, grew up there and later moved to Ottawa when he was 18. He tells us about his background, growing up and education.

• [15:21] – He takes us through his work as a Host and Producer of Perfect 10 Comedy, how he balances content and some of the comics and comedians featured in the comedy. He tries to gauge the people that attend the shows, tries to book younger comedians and ensures that the shows have variety.

• [33:20] – Daniel tells us about his future plans, where he wants to be, his personal improvements, acting, auditions etc.

• [58:36] – He tells us about his win at the Brantford Comedy Festival. He won the festival around 4 years ago. The festival attracts tons of comedians and he plans to participate again in the festival that`s happening in around a month`s time.

• [50:30] – He summarizes our discussion by his parting shot, “I wanna make America great through comedy”

Quotes by the Guest:
• [13:23] – I ran a monthly comedy show as well. I am the host and producer of Perfect 10 Comedy usually around the 1st Saturday of every month.

• [15:45] – It`s weird what comedians do… In the show I just try to put people that are like a little different so that the show has variety and also stay consistent with the type of people I bring into the show. Each comedian does around 5-10 minutes.

• [23:07] – I think that people should be able to say whatever they want; but there might be consequences to what you say.