EP 003 - Mr Natural Ontario Fresh Eddie Franjic


I’d like to thank ‘Fresh’ Eddie Franjic for coming on the podcast this week. Eddie is an amateur bodybuilder, a dedicated husband, and father of two. He finished at number two in Canada for the Natural position in bodybuilding and has been weightlifting for 18 years.

Fresh Eddie is a great inspirational guy. He is a good trainer who helps people transform their bodies. I know because I worked with him for 20 sessions. He is all about fitness, diet, exercise, dedication, staying strong and commitment to a goal.

I think you will enjoy this lively and resource-packed discussion. We start the conversation off by Fresh Eddie sharing about his journey in bodybuilding, exercise, working out and training. He advises on proper training fundamentals and techniques.

You’ll Learn:
[02:26] – Eddie confirms that he won the title of 2015 Mr. Natural Ontario a couple of years back as an amateur in Natural Bodybuilding.

“[02:25] – He explains the different ways of becoming a Pro in bodybuilding.

[05:01] – He mentions that he started bodybuilding especially fitness modeling in 2010 sort of by accident.

[05:10] – After a few years he transitioned into full bodybuilding.

[07:08] – Fresh Eddie explains how an individual can be a championship bodybuilder but not be as strong as they look. Bodybuilding is basically based on aesthetics. However for Natural, individuals focus more on strength.

[07:45] – He has been lifting for 18 years and currently weighs 160. He expounds on his journey in lifting. Personal challenge and development keep him going. He further talks about dope, injections, standardization, and regulation.

[21:24] – He talks about his journey as a personal trainer, his work in the gym, working out and exercise. He also advises on proper training pillars/strategies such as fitness goals, lifestyle change, injury prevention and best training techniques/styles.

[47:10] – He explains about the right age to start bodybuilding and training. The important thing is to teach young kids about the fundamentals and injury prevention.

[49:00] – He mentions that he had a good relationship with his coaches; and played soccer in high school. He has had great mentors from when he was 15 years old. This great foundation has immensely shaped his career.

[54:11] – Eddie summarizes our discussion on his sentiments about trainers by quoting, “We are part psychologists, part trainer, part salesman, part everything… trainers wear many hats, and that`s just the way it is! It`s like training is an art and a science!”