EP 002 - Verda Industries The Uber Eats of Cannabis


I’d like to thank Evan Adcock and Mackenzie Ferguson for coming on the podcast this week. Evan is the Chief Executive Officer at Verda Innovations Inc. while Mackenzie is the Company`s President. They co-founded the company in conjunction with Stephen Masseur, the Chief Technology Officer at the company.

They are young millennials, business-minded entrepreneurs who created the ‘Uber Eats’ of recreational and medical cannabis. They plan to launch their B2C mobile application on October 17th, 2018 upon the Canadian legalization of cannabis (Bill C-45). The App connects users to retailers by linking the people who want to purchase cannabis with the people who supply it.

I think you will enjoy this lively and resource-packed discussion. We start the conversation off by Evan and Mackenzie sharing how they came up with the idea, the development of the app when they will launch it officially and their company`s globalization plans/strategies.

You’ll Learn:
[02:50] – Evan shares about the company`s background, how the idea was conceived through a brainstorming session and the current developments of the software platform.

[03:50] – Mackenzie joins in the discussion and expounds on the B2C mobile application. He says that the app is still in development and not yet running awaiting Canada`s formal legalization of Cannabis.

[08:18] – Evan explains Verda`s business model and how they will roll out the product.

[08:25] – He further explains that Verda is not a dispensary and therefore does not sell cannabis. Verda is a service that connects people of age with local dispensaries. Verda will comply with all applicable provincial, municipal, and federal laws.

[09:38] – They further expound on the Company`s globalization and regulation plans/strategies.

[13:00] – They discuss statistics on marijuana, impact on stigma, its effects; benefits, its promotion and use restrictions.

[23:01] – Evan talks about Verda`s customers/users` base, product promotion, and the planned October 17th Launch. He also discusses notable campaigns at their social media platforms.

[37:00] – They both expound on their motivation, mindset, and drive.

[47:48] – Evan summarizes about his motivation and mindset by mentioning a quote he lives by: “Work like others won`t so you can live like others can`t”

[50:04] – Mackenzie sums up the discussion with his view of having a winner`s mindset quoting, “It`s trying everything and fixing all of your problems, Period!”