EP 001 - Entrepreneur Johnathan Harvey


I’d like to thank Jonathan Harvey for coming on the podcast this week. Jonathan Harvey is an entrepreneur, a motivational speaker and a restaurateur.

He is also a physical fitness guru and participated in men`s physique bodybuilding shows at the age of 29. He played tennis at the age of 16 and has been actively working out for 18 years. In addition, he hosts two podcasts referred to as The Harvey Bros & Life Less Excuses where he speaks about his entrepreneurship journey.

I think you will enjoy this lively and resource-packed discussion. We start the conversation off with Jonathan sharing about his childhood upbringing, his businesses, his outlook on life and his physical fitness journey.

You’ll Learn:
• [02:37] – Jonathan shares how he started entrepreneurship at the age of 15. Although he had a great upbringing, he didn`t have an entrepreneurial background.

• [03:52] – At around 20 years, he became more immersed in entrepreneurship by taking bigger risks. His several side hustles including a music show and t-shirt business enabled him to learn important lessons on corporate structure, skills set, problem solving and how to bounce back from adversity.

• [07:15] – His goal is to make $1 billion dollars.

• [08:00] – Jonathan`s first success resulted from his restaurants at Cayman Islands which he still operates together with his wife, Meghan. They bar-attended together while managing the restaurants.

• [08:52] – He opened another restaurant in Canada called El Jefe located at Mississauga. He later sold the business and opened 2 nomads restobars.

• [09:09] – Jonathan is also involved in the construction business that compliments his restaurants business in service provision.

• [09:51] – His next step is doing more developments.

• [10:00] – He talks about the challenges that he experiences in the restaurant business and how he tackles the challenges. He also talks about access to power, ego, influence and good business attributes/practices.

• [22:15] – He explains how he motivates people about his entrepreneurship journey and future ambitions through his social media accounts.

• [39:57] – Jonathan explains how partnering with his wife, Meghan has greatly assisted in running his businesses successfully.

• [53:53] – Jonathan sums up our discussion with his quote “I look at life like; I don`t know how long I`ve got, I don`t know if it`s the only one I get, but it`s the only one I know of!”