EP83 - Author, Fitness Expert, Entrepreneur - Building Bodies, Business, and Worlds; Vincent Bowe


Vincent Bowe is an entrepreneur, author, and fitness expert. Michael dives into his background as a young athlete and the culture and attitudes in competitive athleticism, before discussing building good gym habits and Vincent’s mindset as a trainer.


As an author, the two discuss the trip to the circus inspiration behind his fantasy series The Elite Way and how he was encouraged to start with a simple novel, over trying to sell a screenplay or launch a web series. Vincent really believes in the message and ideas that motivated his story and it carries through across the web conference.


Beyond trying to self-publish the novel, he’s working to take what he’s learned in the process and creating a business that helps others navigate publishing as well, this leads to a conversation about entrepreneurship and building businesses as its own reward. This a dynamic and varied conversation, thanks to Vincent for joining us.