EP75 - Professional Organizer - Kim Diamond on the Metamorphosis of Decluttering


Kim Diamond is a certified professional organizer, specialized in chronic disorganization. In this episode of the show she explains the difference between chronic clutter and hoarding behaviours; as well as how both can act as a symptom for a deeper condition.


Over the course of her conversation with Michael, she gets into her principal that clutter is always clutter, regardless of how organized it might be; as well as how she confronts the fear of junking objects, coordinates with therapists, navigates family dynamics, the troubles with books and the key points between breaking a habit and shifting a behaviour.


The two also unpack how hard it is to admit to being disorganized, how attachment doesn’t always mean value, and whether or disorganization in the digital realm is a real problem. The chat closes out with some banter about professional training and associations as career and education pathways.