EP74 - Coach, Author - Acknowledge, Accept, and Overcome with Brooke Write


Brooke Write takes a holistic approach to coaching young entrepreneurs, focusing on spiritual, mental and physical well being as much strategy. In her conversation with Michael she explains her understanding of entrepreneurship, and from there they talk about sole proprietors getting trapped in working all the time in every department, the nature of ownership, and building systems instead of support teams. The pair get into the particular risks of being an entrepreneur and the sheer number of bad actors there are out there.


Brooke’s methods start with healing. To manage your own business you have to manage your own life. Acknowledge the harms that have been done to you as objectively as you can, accept them, and overcome them; leave all your baggage, shame, and guilt behind. This is real work, and you have to want to go through the process of healing, not merely having been healed. Mental health and motivation also comes up as Michael gets into how you have to balance how your ego drives you to build, without letting it drive you to destruction. Turning to physical health, good habits are great to cultivate, but you may be better off eliminating your bad habits first – change your relationship with your vices.


When it comes to working with millennials, the most labelled and diminished age demographic since Boomers circa the late 60s, Brooke started coaching with them in mind as a form of niche marketing, but there’s something to how this work and life balancing method that resonates more with young people.