EP65 - Cowboy Art Dealer, Wayne Buckingham


Michael can’t go to Wayne Buckingham’s gallery too often, he spends too much money and time there. Not that either is a real problem, the money is well spent on great art and the time is spent in great conversation. We discuss art as a consumable, the art market’s most recent boom and bust cycles, and critics and dealers as shaping artists careers and motifs.


Artist intent within landscape pieces becomes a major point of discussion; it seems harder for anyone to say anything deeper than ‘look at nature’ with a painting, but in our current era, cataloguing nature can be an act of protest. This leads to the Group of Seven, who observed and documented a landscape as it was being industrialized and exploited for resources. This art movement is a specialty of Wayne’s, having met some of them and sold works by all of them. He’s full of thoughts and anecdotes about their work and their process.


The world of art dealing is in flux as younger people show less interest or ability to buy art, and we spend time wondering about the hows and whys of this trend before closing out talking about family, personal anecdotes, and his own poetry and photography.