EP64 - Coach - Getting Out of the Boat with William Gay


William Gay, a man of many careers, is now working as a coach and a teacher. He came to this after his career as a financial advisor fell apart and he decided to spend some time wandering as a homeless person. He lived in a boat in cape cod through the winter before rebuilding himself in fast food and then trying to teach the strategies he’s picked up over time.


In this episode, he and Michael talk about how anyone can find it all out, the difficulties of adoption, his careers and experiences on the streets.


Getting deeper into the nature of coaching, we find it’s really about asking what the client wants and asking them interesting questions about why until the how emerges, then you meet again in a month and see what’s improved. There’s a lot of talk about costs and payoffs and how they can help set priorities. We also learn that the real split between coaching and therapy is about temporal focus, one spends a lot of time in the past, the other in the future.
Listen in and learn how you can get out of your own boat and get out there and do better.