EP47 - Spirituality - Dr Joye Pugh on the Intersection of Technology and Mythology


Dr Joye Pugh’s career as an eschatologist started with a dream at age six. She describes having a vivid vision of Christ at the Wailing Wall in an impossibly painful silence. From there she devoted more of her time and eventual writing career following up on the Book of Revelation, the Shroud of Turin, and other matters related to the End Times.

Moving past her background and into the meat of her conversation with Michael, this episode gets pretty wild. The pair discuss the Satan, the Antichrist, prophecy, hypnotism, exorcism, the pineal gland, the nature of the soul, cloning, the geography of Hell, the cosmology of Heaven, UFOs, vibrations of DNA, the particular mechanics and terminology in Revelation, and how technology is bringing about mythology.

Believer or not, this discussion is worth going all the way through with thought and consideration.