EP107 - Musician - Making the Twenties Roar, Kirk Reed


The current pandemic has cast a pall over our guests life, and it works its way through the conversation between rocker Kirk Reed and Michael.


Kirk has been trying to release an album for the entire duration of this pandemic, and his album may have prefigured the current social climate; a mix of nostalgia, anger, and storytelling. Though Kirk doesn’t want to take full ownership of what any one song might mean, there’s room for the listener to own it as well.


Kirk lost his brother (who is also a bandmate) recently, and he’s still recovering from that in a lot of ways, he and Michael explore what it’s like to lose someone now and offer some fond memories as well.


There are a lot of parallels between 2021 and 1921, here’s hoping the next decade does have some roar in it.


*Note: this episode features frank discussion of suicide and addiction