EP73 - Entrepreneur, Coach - Salesmanship, Fatherhood, and Choices with Danny Collins


After a rough start Danny Collins is now a father, a coach and serial entrepreneur, and our conversation with him starts with fatherhood – both Michael and he are parenting four children and they’re having trouble with modern childhood – it feels like there are more vices available at an earlier age, devices don’t seem to be helping that much. What it really comes down to is shifting the bad statistics a person at a time.


Which leads into Danny’s coaching style, both as a sports coach for his children and for his clients, he tries to empower people to make better choices and be better versions of yourself.


From there the pair delve into entrepreneurship as building systems anyone can use versus building support networks for star employees, the role of salesmanship in business building, and how to work like you plan on leaving.


They also talk about masculinity, elephants, yardwork, and how womanizing changes as men age.