EP72 - Athlete - Luke Sellars on Locker Room Culture


Professional Hockey in North America is having a moment of consequence, with some of the toxic behaviour of some coaches, players, and broadcasters being brought to light.


Michael pulls in recurring guest, Luke Sellars to offer his perspective as a former professional player and current spiritual coach. They delve into all-male spaces, sports culture, soul selling and how coach-manager-owner hierarchies reinforce bad behaviours. And this is starting younger and younger as youth hockey become more commercial and competitive.


The chat turns philosophical as they discuss how the shape of arenas can enhance violent behaviours, the camaraderie of insults being built on sensitive ground, before they go back to the concrete with Don Cherry’s dismissal from Coach’s Corner. There’s a difference between judging and passing judgement and what we all need to continue to participate in the public sphere is more compassion, a culture that takes time to teach those who make errors, and more willingness to vulnerable.


Being yourself is the key to being better, own your experiences. We weren’t expecting the direction of the conversation to turn to the themes of Luke’s other episodes, but here we are.


This episode does contain frank discussion of sexual abuse and rape.