EP68 - Podcaster, Author - Journey to Perspective with Brian Ondrako


Brian Ondrako is just getting started with a whole number of projects, but right now he’s podcasting after three years of being encouraged to do it. He joins us for this episode to talk about his late-twenties personal renaissance period, and how this seems to be happening to men more often. It seems that once someone accrues enough knowledge and cultivates their own perspective they can’t help but branch out, or at least plan on it.


Both Brian and Michael are concerned about making an impact in the world around them, but in very different ways. Brian is looking for a chance to help others, even if all he can offer is an encouraging word. Michael, however, wants to know what really gives any of us the right to try to have an impact on the world; there are a lot of ways to make waves, many of them are selfish. From there they examine the fact that everyone seems to need to have an aspect of testimony to be a speaker, it’s not enough to have a good idea and share it, you have to be able to package it with a rags-to-riches story.


Our conversation also gets into fatherhood, childhood athletics, how an entrepreneur has audit their day differently and setting your own North Star as you go forward.