EP67 - Entrepreneur, Author - Nancy Becher, Forgiveness is the Gift you Give Yourself


When it comes to business Nancy, Becher doesn’t believe in waiting for pigs to fly; she gets them squared up and ready for takeoff. Because working for yourself is three times harder than being an employee, and she provides the motivation and strategy to make start-up happen.


Michael starts their conversation by asking if entrepreneurship is in a person’s nature or if it can be nurtured. She concludes that for all the good business leadership habits anyone can build, there’s some spark of ambition that’s innate to people that take their own wealth into their hands, as shown by the fact that both she and Michael started very young. As a part of this discussion, they do draw lines between hobbyists, side-gigs, direct sales programs, MLM schemes, independent professional careers, sole proprietorship, and proper entrepreneurship. Not that there’s anything bad about some of those, but it’s important to know what you’re in it for before you can set goals. And having goals, or milestones, or plans, or whatever you have to call them to get yourself to set them is key to success. Additionally, it comes with the reward of getting to be spontaneous – when you know how much room you have to move you don’t have to worry about knocking anything down.


Nancy’s consultation is unique in that she focuses on people with disabilities. She is herself disabled since a car accident damaged her mobility on one side, and the conversation veers into her experience recovering from her depression and anger as she recovered and started her business over from scratch. They speak about the experience of empowering others with an empathy few others can really offer. There’s a difference between sympathy and empathy and when it comes to trying to help disabled people compassion can become condescending and tyrannical without meaning to.


The chat comes to end talking about finding ways to be novel while podcasting for business people and building a better book for entrepreneur strategy (release date early next year).