EP62 - Entrepreneur - Rick Cottrell the Business Scientist


What does it mean to be a straight shooter? Rick Cottrell may just have the answer. After he left the original incarnation of Salesforce, he set himself up as the sort of management consultant that hates to be called a management consultant, he tries to always work like a board member no matter what the contract calls for.


In his conversation with Michael they talk about the various traps a sole proprietor can fall into, the value of mentors, ego, and how to assess when your own behaviour is becoming a liability.


Going deeper on the role consultants; both agree on distrusting and devaluing the opinions of anyone that doesn’t have C title in their resume and that sometimes a corporation needs to admit that they do one thing well and that their other projects and expansions aren’t worth pursuing.


The pair does discuss Rick’s current venture, Bizresults.com which he bills as an ‘entrepreneurial operating system’ running on the science of business – a suite of different metrics and forecasting tools that go beyond most market analytics.


We close the episode with some hockey talk, rick’s a fan was a serious player in his youth, and Michael share how deep the cultural connection to the sport goes in Canada.