EP60 - TV Host and Producer - Travel More and Stay Informed in the Face of Bias with John Daly


John Daly joins the show from his home, which is a rare thing for the Undercover Jetsetter. He starts off by sharing how he went from working in TV to becoming a fully iPhone-based travel video producer. In fact, John wrote the book on phone-vlogging, on his phone, all in the hopes of empowering content creators to get out there and work with what’s at hand. John shares his excitement about travel, food, and wine and how they seem to unify people even in the face of the apparent rise on nationalist rhetoric.


While on the topic of present discourse Michael and John get into the presentation of the news over the past 15 years and how it’s changed. John shares his ROIL method for interrogating reporting, a good strategy for finding non-frustrating news sources on Twitter. Also, they get into the value of local news and how the Canadian print space is shrinking but citizen journalism from a phone camera and a 5G connection might be a better replacement in the local sphere with his Nooz TV project.


We close out this episode with how loaded language is ruining political problem solving and how urbanization is changing scarcity predictions.