EP59 - Rapper, Inspirational Speaker - Freddy Fri, Operating Within Your Gifts


Freddy Fri is a life transformer, rapper, speaker and entrepreneur from Tulsa. In this episode, Michael goes through each of those titles in turn unpacking what they mean to each of them, as well as unpacking a whole range of ideas.

Starting off with what it means to transform a life from the inside out, offering the example Mike Tyson settling down into a balanced individual. Freddy himself has he become a better father and a genuine entrepreneur after being a street hustler.


Freddy doesn’t so much explain how you can offer positivity in hip-hop as he gives an example, spitting rhymes live for us, explaining how he incorporates his lyrics into his speaking engagements. He starts these talks by telling his own story and then broadens it out to to apply to anyone struggling to get ahead. Interestingly, as a young person he was always hesitant to perform, but was pushed into a talent show by a friend, and immediately found it as a source of power and confidence.


Michael sees the transformative power of parenthood in Freddy’s story and explains how your net worth has 3 columns beyond finances; family, faith, and friends, and how people seem to be unwilling to trade the latter 3 for the former. Another thought about emotional health emerges as they discuss emotion as an intuitive or sublimated reasoning about the state of your life.


On the business side, Freddy speaks about how he operates within his gift to give back to his community. He offers an example of his regular Wednesday motivational video “Make Every day a Winsday” and how it came from a seemingly inconsequential rhyme.


The conversation moves into bigger social and political topics as Freddy shares his experience living in the ghetto. The two also talk learned behaviours and prejudice, group identification, scope and scale of racist attitudes in Americans and what that means in the current political discourse – with an aside about the structure of Canadian government.