EP54 - Author - The Operating System of Society with Hannibal Tabu


Hannibal Tabu has been a journalist on the staff of a number of publications, including the Los Angeles Sentinel, MTV Online, America Online and Comic Book Resources; he’s also worked as a web designer and graphic artist for The Disney Channel, Quicken.com, and many others; he’s also published poetry, fiction, comic books, short fiction and a series of sci-fi novels. It’s that multifaceted career that kicks off our discussion. There’s a craft and discipline to being a working creator that Michael ends up likening to his own entrepreneurial habits. It doesn’t hurt that other business owners don’t seem to mind paying for things if you act like a professional.


As the conversation continues, it moves away from the career and more into the motivation behind it. Hannibal has an interesting background and it informs his perspective and he uses a variety of media to express it. His views on society as software becomes a springboard for he and Michael to talk about the different of black cultures that exist in America and Canada, modern segregation, prejudice and whether societal change is possible in anything painful or insincere increments.


When the discussion actually gets to the particulars of the fiction Hannibal has written – Hannibal explains the value of planning with continuity in mind, and the importance of tapping into archetypal and mythic structures in genre fiction.


This one goes in unexpected directions for an interview with a guest who introduced himself as a novelist and comic book writer, but it’s a satisfying journey.