EP46 - Blogger, Podcaster - Marianna Miniotis


Marianna Miniotis went from being a podcast enthusiast to a podcast-related blogger to a producer in her own right. Her blog Podcreatures is an interview series with different podcasters in the Toronto area, and we thought it might be funny to interview her for change.

Firstly, Michael and Marianna dig into the topic of podcasting; with a discussion on platforming jerks, assholes, and criminals and whether or not that legitimizes them or lets them be their own bad PR. They share ideas about making money as a podcaster, the value of hobbyists in field that keeps adding pros, the particular business of Get a Grip Studios. After an extended tangent about LiFitranshumanism, and skin care we come back to the question of the future of the medium and whether we just missed the golden age of the free podcast.

Eventually, Marianna turns the tables on Michael asking about LSD, time travel, self-evaluation, dogs, farming, family, assumption-making, China and global conquest, prayer, meditation, and how its easier to maintain empathy for animals than people.

We end on something funny…we hope.