EP43 - Entrepreneur - Kathleen Gage


There are a few great rarities in Michael Colligan’s podcasting career – one is letting the guest get the first question in. Kathleen Gage of Power up for Profits sneaks in with a query about the origin and meaning of ‘get a grip’ in Michael’s podcast network and life.


The interview begins in earnest with a discussion of Kathleen’s rags to riches story, the ‘need’ for that sort of story in american business as well as the value of stay-making and story-building in business. And then things start to drift into the cultural differences between Canada and America – noting that exceptionalism driving as much bad habits as it does good.

Kathleen is a vegan, and from there the show springboards toward lifestyle of the developed world demands more resources than 12 people in the developing world.  Personal responsibility is the watchword of the day – conviction and convenience can’t live in the same room.


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