EP41 - Spirituality - Anita Wilson, Alias in Town


Anita Wilson has overcome chronic illness, depression, and addiction by becoming a memoirist and essayist with her book Well: a Memoir. The book was purely a personal scrapbook and journaling project until she was encouraged to pull it off her shelf and publish for the benefit of others.


We start on the subject of downward spirals and a sort of continually self-reinforcing shame in depression and addiction. The lack of hope and inability to conceive of a better alternative are the engines that drive negative behaviour until eventually the individual collapses under the weight of it all.


Michael proposes that the roots of mental illness in the modern world has as much to with materialism and changes or losses of the coping mechanisms of the past as might have to with failures of brain chemistry.


The conversation moves there to the idea of voids in life. Many people who suffer do so because they feel they lack purpose. Or they may have a “god-shaped’ hole in their lives that needs rectifying.


The role of spirituality in general and Christianity in particular in both Anita and Michael’s life comes up as they meditate on the parable of the Prodigal Son.


The demons still chase us; not just habits or cravings, but self-talk and self-image can leave lingering corruption on us all, and engaging with deeper selves and higher powers can avert these problems and lead to growth.


This episode features frank discussion of suicide, addiction, and sexual abuse.


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