EP39 - Entrepreneur - Sharon Bolt


Have you ever seen an unruly dog dragging its owner down the street or harassing the neighbours and wonder who’s walking whom? Sharon Bolt may have the key to training dogs – train the owner instead. She discovered this on her own after being told by a number of training experts that the two male puppies she’d just picked out of the same litter would never behave themselves. Her refusal to break up that family lead to a whole business training people to be better dog owners.


In this episode of the podcast, she joins fellow dog-owner Michael to discuss training and behaviour, and how good habits for entrepreneurship are instrumental to managing Michael’s German Shepherd. Leadership, decisiveness, and consistency; with a little bit of care and affection are the keys.


The story of how she got into the business of publicity and PR dovetails nicely with her dog training. Starting with when she aggressively volunteered her way into a national radio interview as a dog training expert, without an established business or even a website. That audacity let her launch her brand very quickly and now she coaches others on how to put themselves into the public sphere.


Good PR is about making your own opportunities by newsjacking your way onto another topic’s popularity; using evergreen material to keep yourself in regular contact with producers, journalists and research departments; and knowing when you should ‘drop the next album’ as Michael calls periodically reinventing yourself and rebuilding your relevance. Another opportunity that comes up is publishing in your field of expertise. Not a whole book of one’s own

But teaming up with a publisher looking to fill chapters in a multi-author work on a particular topic. Having access to more collaborative environment and smaller scope can make the project still seem more manageable while still offering the prestige of being an author in the field.


The conversation winds down with a delve into the dark side of public life. The search for validation, especially from the people on internet can lead to a number of bad headspaces. Furthermore, being a public figure is a hard bell to unring – haters have long memories and the envy of others can be hard to avoid.