EP38 - Spirituality - My Journey with Luke Sellars part 4


Luke Sellars returns to the studio to continue guiding Michael on his spiritual journey – and to make him cry. Good tears, the kind that comes from a deep emotional experience.


Michael starts with an anecdote about meeting a person in the gym, and offering him some of the advice he’s been using to improve. The nugget that gets extracted from this is the value of asking permission of others. Asking to offer advice, asking of other people’s time – these are more than courtesies but a key to progressing spiritually.


The conversation between Luke and Michael is a quickly shifting series of topics – ranging through training, strategic week planning, Kriya meditations, egotistical spiritualism, living as an expression of gratitude, the difference between knowledge and wisdom and how it affects our lives to have one but not another, the commercialization of benevolent institutions, the future of science and technology as humanity progresses spiritually, and the mystical traditions of Sufism, Kabbalah, and Russia.


When you need help don’t be afraid to ask help, take what you can and offer it to people you admire if you feel you must. Spend time among good people and see if you can emulate them.


Something Luke asked Michael to do between recording sessions was to take himself out on a date. Shout out to Chris Jerk in Scarborough, but the two talk about their relationship with food, and how they can break with good eating habits for the sake of enjoying a meal and time with oneself.


Later on, Luke brings up how rules have value in our society but those rules tend obscure the humanity and get in the way of understanding. Not just the rules of institutions but social rules, like contact. Eye contact can be deeply intrusive and physical contact can become meaningless depending on how it is offered.


The episode closes with Michael’s conversation with Greg Ehrich of Get a Grip on Lighting as he tries to unpack what he felt that day.


Music that appears in this episode is by Kevin Macleod.