EP37 - Healer, Entrepreneur - Jennifer Noel Taylor


Jennifer Noel Taylor, thought she was doing the right thing. She ditched a depressing software design job in the peak years of the tech boom and had struck out on her own starting a business in something she believes in, energy healing. But she was deep in debt and still unfulfilled personally. It wasn’t until she was sitting in the back of a police cruiser after a home invasion that she realized she was not practicing what she preached.

In this episode of the podcast, Jennifer tells Michael about her recovery from that event and how she needed to readjust her emotional stance in all facets of her life. The Law of Attraction that underlies her healing methods and business is about more than mental well-being, physical health, or financial success; but interpersonal relationships as well. It may even apply to entire cultures and locations. Jennifer also delves into how this law can be empowering in all elements of life.

The episode starts to go into the process on her healing method, by tracing physical symptoms to emotional roots and then dissipating chronic pain. Emotions can’t be ignored, or they fester in all manner of ways. But it’s very hard and frightening to delve into those emotions and you need a professional to help.

‘Value-neutral’ language in spiritual practice enters the conversation. Christians resist meditation, Atheists don’t like to pray. Jennifer tries to approach her clients on the same angle they understand, meeting beliefs halfway, as it were. Personally, Jennifer takes a lot of her cues about spirituality from Star Wars – more as a metaphor for life force in people, less so telekinesis and acrobatic sword fights.

Finding meaning in the connections with others and the greater ineffable spiritual space is what keeps Jennifer going forward in her business.

This episode features a candid discussion of sexual violence, home invasion, and suicide.