EP36 - Survivor, Author, Entrepreneur - Lorraine Reguly



Lorraine Reguly has survived rape, drug addiction, working as a prostitute, depression, suicidal episodes, and a disfiguring snowmobile accident. In this episode she spares none of that pain as she tells Michael her story of going from rock bottom to rebuilding her life, twice. Lorraine has also worked as a high school teacher and has now launched her own business as an editor, blogger, and consultant.


The discussion starts with unpacking the details of her youth, not just the narrative of how a rape led to cycle of self-destructive behaviour but her emotions and thoughts at the time and how difficult it can be to reconcile victimhood with those feelings.


Lorraine explains how writing began to help her move on, and how a popular blog post turned into a book that she hopes helps others in her position. When she could no longer teach, she found that writing and editing could still be an avenue where she helps people. The internet’s ability to transmit the written word has become a source of community, stability and financial security for Lorraine, and she and Michael leave on the value of democratized content on the web.


This episode contains frank discussion of a number of upsetting subjects including rape, sexual assault, drug use, alcoholism, and suicide.