EP34 - Nikole Stanfield, Intuition Coach


Nikole Stanfield is was a successful marketing entrepreneur and burned out on the work, badly. In recovering from her issues, she learned about burnout and stress and how the high-achieving lifestyle can generate symptoms almost like clinical depression. She then re-launched herself as an intuition coach, helping others avoid her pitfalls by letting them listen to their own instincts and inner voices.

In this episode, she and Michael delve into the highs and lows of the entrepreneurial lifestyle and what that can do to your mental health. They discuss the hazards of boredom, loneliness, erosion of boundaries and the pressures of maintaining a perfect persona on the job. Nikole talks about the effective coping mechanisms she’s developed in self-care and meditation. Michael joins in with his own spiritual journey and how his new connection to his emotional core has improved his managing style immensely in a short period.

Giving advice is bad idea, but giving feedback is great, and that’s what Nikole strives to do with her clients. Advice means you know better, feedback means you’ve listened and are asking helpful questions that will help others help themselves.

The conversation ends on the value of boundaries, not just at work, but in all facets of life. No can be a complete sentence, honesty is never a bad choice, and not everyone has to like you.

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