EP33 - Entrepreneur - Scott Scully, Lead Generator


This episode of Get a Grip on Life comes to us from the offices of the Abstrakt Marketing Group in St. Louis Missouri. Michael and Greg (Michael’s Co-Host over on Get a Grip On Lighting), sat down with CEO, Scott Scully.

Scott shares his expertise in managing sales teams, networking, and training. He also reveals some of his secrets of salesmanship and lead generation; like the number of calls to make a day, what times of day are most effective to make them, and his experience with home many times a prospect will say no.

Michael and Greg have questions about the new technological tools available to salesmen. They discuss in-depth metrics on calls and emails, new research tools, and customer data collection.

The conversation also features a discussion of the future of sales as more and more industries become self-serve via e-commerce, Scott believes that large deals and high-end items will always have space for human salespeople, Michael think more jobs in the field will become AI assisted.