EP32 - Lola Scarborough; Author, Yogi & Wellness Coach


Lola Scarborough is a certified yoga instructor, an Ayurvedic nutritional advisor and lifestyle coach, a Reiki master, author, and a PhD candidate in the field of comparative religion. In this episode, Michael finds a lot to talk about with her.


We start with the topic of entering the spiritual world and why Indian traditions are finding more resonance in modern life. They also delve into the question of why women are more interested in looking into these spiritual and wellness traditions than men. This leads to a conversation of how gender plays into business life and corporate culture.


As Lola and Michael share their experiences with Reiki and the nature of pain. Michael shares some of his dream-like experiences that go with the relief he’s experienced on the table.


Lola’s book; Fighting For Our Tits: A Woman’s Battle Cry is a manual on how to avoid the risk factors of breast cancer from a holistic fashion. As she describes her methods and research she references in the book, Michael shows his enthusiasm for an emergence in treatments that respect the mental and spiritual aspects of health.


This episode features frank discussions of sexual harassment and sexual violence.