EP025 - Forex and Cryptocurrencies with Kareem Marshall


You’ve got the money but haven’t decided yet how to grow it? Don’t doubt entering the market!

In this episode of Get A Grip on Life, Michael and guest co-host, Desi Ste. Marie, interviews Kareem Marshall, the Co-Founder of the Tnetwork. Tnetwork serves as a platform for like-minded individuals who want to start and grow their passive income through forex trading and cryptocurrencies.

Exploring the market should be easy now regardless of your age since Tnetwork serves as a learning and sharing hub for everyone according to Kareem. Tnetwork has been guiding a lot of clients in more than 75 countries around the world.

Discover why you should consider and be an entrepreneur. This gives you more time, money, and energy for other important stuff. Kareem also shares the big leap that happened in his career – from studying criminology to exploring the financial market. Michael, Desi, and Kareem also discuss about the skepticism on cryptocurrencies, the importance of financial literacy, and the mindset when starting in the financial industry.


[00:41] What sparked the idea to build the T Network?

[03:49] Forex Education is for everyone.

[06:17] Kareem talks about Kuvera Global.

[08:10] T Network has over 350 people worldwide in their team and operates in 75+ countries.

[10:22] Tools you can utilize to make your money work for you.

[12:19] T Network’s outstanding track record in Forex trading.

[13:50] From criminology to trading: Why did Kareem do the ultimate shift?

[15:30] “Being an employee is way riskier than being an entrepreneur.” – Michael

[18:38] What is financial literacy?

[20:50] Choosing your own tribe to survive and be successful.

[23:40] Why you shouldn’t be skeptic about investing in cryptocurrency.

[25:14] What’s an ICO?

[27:20] Should we trust our memories?

[29:04] Enjoy life and go see the world. – Kareem

[33:04] Learn every day and strive to be the best person.