EP 024 - My Journey With Luke Sellars - Part 1


From fitness goals to business growth to soul awakening, our guest today on Get A Grip On Life Podcast will definitely be your guiding light!

In this episode, Michael talks to Luke Sellars, a Certified Coach Practitioner, about how he has helped Michael grow as an individual, be a better business owner, and strengthen his relationships in life and business.

Luke has guided clients to uncover their true purpose and transform their lives. This episode is the first part of a series of episodes where you discover, from Luke himself, how you can be your best self.

Michael and Luke dive deep on meditation, the concept of ‘truth’, and the wellbeing percentage. For business owners or team leaders, Luke also suggests some strategies to ensure you create and lead a high-performing team. He also shares his personal stories on how he examined himself, found out what he wants, and always strive to attain it. These and more when you tune in!

You’ll learn:

[02:15] Grounding yourself through living with nature.

[05:40] Do parallel universes really exist?

[08:08] Living your truth.

[10:27] How do we reach for the truth?

[12:18] The Power of Incremental Improvement.

[14:45] Managing people correctly to maximize team performance.

[17:16] Inspiring and uniting your team to serve customers better.

[21:00] The common form of dialogue: six negatives and one positive.

[23:48] Creating a high-performing team.

[27:12] How to better communicate with people and ensure that they understand it.

[32:42] Knowing your wellbeing percentage.

[36:56] Action items: 1st: Look at all seven areas of your life.

[37:47] 2nd: Develop and track daily a well-being checklist.

[38:57] The Five Seconds Rule.

[41:10] Connection between physical health and your well-being.

[42:20] Choose what emotions and thoughts to amplify.

[47:29] 3rd: What is your purpose or destiny?

[53:10] Being specific in what you want in life.

[54:56] Stay curious and open to what life brings.

[58:48] The Benefits of the Exercises of Wellbeing.

[01:01:06] Concentrate and give undivided attention to what you want in life.

[01:04:39] Knowing when ‘the vehicle’ arrives.