EP 023 - DevChat.tv Founder, Chuck Max Wood


Chuck Max Wood is the CEO and founder of Devchat.tv. He is a fellow Podcaster who hosts several podcasts including Ruby Rogues and JavaScript Jabber.

Charles has coached and mentored dozens of developers from ‘Beginner to Advanced’ in areas of both technology and career. He has helped several of them find their first/remote programming job. He has used these same techniques to find several jobs himself and numerous freelancing clients with both local and remote companies.

I think you will enjoy this lively and resource-packed discussion. Charles talks to us about his entrepreneurship journey, his work with Podcasts, how to manage a successful podcast, coding, career freedom, DevChat.tv and the personal details of his life.

You’ll Learn:
• [01:03] – Charles starts our conversation by telling us how he started podcasting. He says that his friend influenced him. His first interview was interviewing a fellow Podcaster.
• [02:55] – He tells us how he started the Ruby Rogues show which was a framework for building web applications and 8 years later, he started a panel show with a few of his friends. He also started other shows where his friends and experts discuss about coding.
• [04:20] – He talks about getting Advertisers for his podcast. He says the smaller shows currently have one or two sponsors each. He takes us through their shows, starting a new podcast, entrepreneurship, discipline and advice in Podcasting.
• [20:45] – Charles takes us through what he does when he is not podcasting. He says that he has been writing a book and putting together video courses that have not yet been released. He also takes us through his future plans, career freedom and religious views.
• [47:40] – Charles sums up our discussion by his sentiments saying, “It`s nice to see that people have different opinions and care about different things; that is what makes the world colorful!”

Quotes by the Guest:
• [04:00] – “The largest show gets about 20,000-25,000 downloads per episode released weekly!”
• [08:11] – “Our network has 14 active shows… with distinct audiences…4 of the shows cover JavaScript frameworks!”
• [16:55] – “Money is the Oxygen to your business!”
• [24:50] – “When I decided to go fully into podcasting… it was because I was able to help people make a difference in their lives and It was making me happy too!”