EP 021 - 6IX MMA Head Trainer Danny Beauclerc


Danny Beauclerc is the Owner and Head Trainer/Instructor at 6IX MMA (Black Devil Mixed Martial Arts). He studied at Coburg District Collegiate Institute.

Danny is the former Caribbean Ultimate Fist Fighting (CUFF) World Flyweight Champion. He began training at the age of ten years with Kru Wade Ellis, in Lakefield Ontario. He has trained many fighters to Muay Thai and K1 Championship Titles and is currently coaching many mixed martial artists. He is one of the best-rounded Instructors you will meet.

I think you will enjoy this lively and resource-packed discussion. Danny talks to us about his martial arts training, his winning at the Caribbean Ultimate Fist Fighting (CUFF) World Flyweight Championship and coaching.

You’ll Learn:
• [01:00] – Danny starts our conversation by telling us about his martial Arts training, Muay Thai and Sambo. He also talks about his early training with Kru Wade Ellis in Lakefield Ontario.
• [12:10] – He takes us through his first time in a boxing cage. He says that it was in 1995 when he was 16 years old. Danny often competed with local fighters in hard sparring sessions commonly known as ‘smokers’. He later on spent countless hours in one-on-one training.
• [15:00] – He takes us through Caribbean Ultimate Fist Fighting (CUFF) World Flyweight Championship and how he won. He fought against the 2 time Pan Am Sambo Champion, Seon Adhar from Southern Warriors.
• [58:42] – Danny divulges with us into Politics. He also tells us about his future plans and goals.
• [01:10:24] – Danny sums up our discussion by sharing some of the topics he would discuss if he had his own show. He says that he is in his prime and would love to fight again. He also shares about his amateur sports league Championship.

Quotes by the Guest:
• [01:07] – “Sambo is like a Russian military martial art!”
• [12:54] – “They closed the cage and I looked at the other guy and it hit me… I am armor free!”
• [30:10] – “There are things in our culture that are toxic and shouldn`t be there… those things need to change!”
• [59:09] – “A foundation is everything… if you have a strong foundation then you`ll have self-esteem and self-worth!”
• [01:17:05] – “If you are an amateur fighter and you are looking for a way to compete, there is a fight application form on our page!”