EP 020 - Press It Founder & CEO, Phil Kluba


Phil Kluba is the Founder & CEO at Press It Inc. He is also a Video producer, director and livestream innovator. He studied communication at the Carleton University and Audio Production at Metalworks Institute.

Phil has been professionally active in the music industry for over five years. His Toronto-based agency provides creative content solutions for tech and music brands. After receiving funding in 2013, he created his first music video, “The Dirty Shore”.
I think you will enjoy this lively and resource-packed discussion. Phil talks to us about his experience providing content solution for businesses such as Facebook, Shopify, SOVI Creative, Twitter, Canada’s Music Incubator, TEMPO Educates and 3030 Dundas West; among others.

You’ll Learn:

• [01:25] – Phil starts our conversation by telling us about Press It Inc., his background, education, provision of content solutions for businesses, his music career, media production, ecommerce and sales.

• [05:15] – He takes us through some of the work he is currently undertaking and the relationships that he has built with different parties in the music industry.

• [08:28] – He takes us through how he started Press It Inc. He says that he started it in June 2014. He received a grant from FACTOR (Foundation to Assist Canadian Talent on Records) funding in 2013 which led to the creation of his first music video, “The Dirty Shore”. He also tells us about his future plans and goals.

• [26:26] – Phil takes us through his entrepreneurship journey. He says that he started this journey when he was around 16 years old.

• [35:05] – He talks about his fans and followers. He says that he prefers high quality views. He further tells us about live streaming and visualization. He plans to do more business in the industry by focusing more on executive decisions for his business.

• [54:28] – Phil sums up our discussion by sharing his contact details and how he can be reached. The links to his Company`s website and social media pages are provided below.

Quotes by the Guest:

• [01:29] – “We do a lot of music videos, commercial content and recently we`ve gotten into multiple camera live-streams!”

• [08:28] – “I started Press It Inc. in June 2014!”

• [12:35] – “I would like to get into being a broadcasting company, so I want to start creating my own content!”

• [27:40] – “I have always had my own vision on how things should be run!”