EP 019 - Super Salesman Desi Ste Marie


Desi Ste. Marie is a Super Salesman and a Business Analyst. He studied a Bachelor of Arts Degree with a focus in Philosophy from the University of Western Ontario.

Desi was the former Director of Sales at Enercare Inc. as well as a Board Member at Maribe Health Products Inc. He has skilled expertise in sales and gives advice on how to carry out smooth sales.

I think you will enjoy this lively and resource-packed discussion. Desi talks to us about his education, career, sales, business, the lessons he has learnt while doing sales, self-motivation and self-reflection.

You’ll Learn:
• [01:08] – Desi starts our conversation by telling us about his background, education, sales and career experience. He says that his first sales job was selling photocopiers.

• [08:46] – He takes us through how he became a super salesman. He says that what have greatly aided him are tenacity, self-reflection, the desire to improve and learn; as well as self-motivation, really listening to people and proper positioning.

• [17:35] – He walks us through how a high level sales process is like. He further takes us through how he targets and goes after large high sales and big customers. He says that it is crucial to locate the key decision maker and understanding the industry.

• [36:40] – Desi informs us about the importance of networking in the sales business. He says that listening to people is very important.

• [42:45] – He advises us on how to gain trust from people in order to have smooth sales. He also defines for us what sales` is, how to do it well and how to succeed doing it.

• [57:55] – Desi sums up our discussion by his parting shot, “In sales, if you do well, you get elevated!”

Quotes by the Guest:
• [03:46] – “You wanna be in real sales, let`s go knocking at doors!”

• [09:45] – “The best woodsman is the one who is always sharpening his axe!”

• [32:20] – “I always say to young people…Hang out with the best teams and the best people! Don`t scratch with the turkeys; sour with the eagles!”

• [42:05] – “You`ve got to understand people…and do some work on yourself, take some time to reflect on who you are as an individual; because if people don`t like you, they won`t buy from you!”