EP61 - Ep 061 - Musician - Strategic Band Promotion with Anton and Kevin of Artful Vandelays


In this episode we’re joined by Anton H and Kevin O’Leary of Artful Vandelays a local band that’s just reunited after breaking up in 2013. They share how they’ve grown as individuals and how they’re taking the lessons from entrepreneurship to getting the band back together.


Michael gets the two of them talking about music more generally and how genre cycle toward simplicity to reach broader audiences, music finding its way into movements, and connecting with listeners.


That idea of connection fuels a discussion of relationship psychology in an audience, generational zeitgeists, vinyl as an active listening tool, the difference between enjoying an activity and being happy as well as why they always seem to write sad songs.


There’s an extended tangent about adversarial conversation, debate, social issues and racism before transitioning back to the band; how they named it, treating it like a product, acting as their own booking agent and arranging shows. Plus the economics of venue DJs, cover songs, and ditching the notion of being a starving artist.