EP 022 - Culture Rising Founder Nilsson Gonsalves


Nilsson Gonsalves is an Entrepreneur and the Founder of Culture Rising. A former Bassist and Guitar Tech, he has been building empires on shoestrings since 2005. He studied at the University of Toronto.

Nilsson built the first Culture Rising located in Streets Ville, Ontario with funds from a small car loan. Culture Rising is now a well-established retailer of cannabis accessories including heady and scientific glass, non-functional glass art and clothing serving high end products. He is also a member at the Mississauga Board of Trade and a Chair of Marketing.

I think you will enjoy this lively and resource-packed discussion. Nilsson talks to us about his entrepreneurship journey which he started when he was 20 years old. He also talks about the cannabis business, rise in cannabis culture, its legalization and pros and cons.

You’ll Learn:
• [00:58] – Nilsson starts our conversation by telling us about his entrepreneurship journey which spans over 13 years. He says that he started when he was 20 years old.
• [01:47] – He tells us about Culture Rising. He started it in 2006. The first Culture Rising Franchise opened in Port Credit, Ontario; followed by Milton in 2013, London in 2014 and Brampton in 2015. He also talks about legalization of Marijuana as well as decriminalization.
• [12:50] – He talks about health risks relating to Cannabis, mental health and illness, effects on the brain and questions about weed. He further expounds on the problems/difficulties he encounters in this business.
• [28:35] – Nilsson talks about serving as the Director of Marketing and Promotions for the Business Improvement Association in Streetsville. He says that he was invited to join the board in 2016 as a Promotions Co-Chair, and was later promoted to Chair of Marketing. He currently works with fellow members to develop the 2019 budget and marketing plan.
• [52:12] – Nilsson sums up our discussion by his sentiments on marijuana edibles. He says they are still not yet legal. He also tells us about his business` future plans.

Quotes by the Guest:
• [01:47] – “Culture Rising is a Franchise of Cannabis Accessories store… I started it in 2006 in Streetsville, Ontario!”
• [03:41] – “The new Cannabis regulations are pretty strict!”
• [29:50] – “It`s really great representing the Business Improvement Association!”
• [36:44] – “The only hope to me is the export market… that`s a new development that is quite promising that could open a whole lot of new businesses in Canada!”